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, Qiao Yu stood on the spot and looked at Qiao Zhuang in disbelief., , The family had always treated her as an invisible person, so she had never been on the receiving end of such treatment. This was because the men in the family never even bothered to look at her, let alone praise her like this., , At this moment, she felt a sense of great joy., , She opened her mouth excitedly. “Yes, yes!”, , There was a sense of uncontrollable excitement in her chest., , Qiao Zhuang was even happier. He looked at the things in the courtyard and laughed loudly., , …, , On the way home with her grandfather, Qiao Mei bumped into the villagers who had finished work for the day., , When the villagers saw the pair of grandfather and granddaughter carrying many shopping bags, they were not surprised but greeted them normally instead., , Qiao Mei and her grandfather had always been like this. On the day that Qiao Qiang received his salary, they would go shopping and then come back with many shopping bags., , Ordinary families may not even be able to go shopping once a year, but Qiao Mei’s family would go shopping every month. Every time, they looked as though they were doing major shopping for the new year and would attract a lot of attention., , However, this time round, everyone’s expression was a little strange., , There were people snickering at the pair of them, people who looked like they were gleefully waiting to watch some drama and people who shook their heads and sighed., , Everyone had a different expression, but there was something strange about the expressions on many people’s faces., , Qiao Mei frowned and asked directly, “Why do you all have an expression like this? Did my house collapse?”, , The people around her were stunned and looked over in surprise., , Qiao Qiang was also caught by surprise. He did not expect his granddaughter to be able to tell that there was something wrong and he was quite impressed., , The passers-by stopped and looked at one another. No one made a sound., , Qiao Mei had a bad feeling., , “What’s going on? Did my house really collapse?” Qiao Mei frowned and her tone became fierce., , Her voice had a sweet Lolita-like tone. When she spoke, her voice was delicate and soft, making it impossible to intimidate anyone. Instead, it would sound funny if she tried., , If she did not sound so fierce, she probably would not make people feel afraid but would make them laugh instead., , “No, no!”, , A few people standing in front of her replied as they shook their heads and met her gaze., , This little girl’s voice was cute, but she had an imposing manner., , Her eyes were fixed on them, making them feel timid. She spoke again., , “If the house is fine… then the vegetable field at home was dug up?” Qiao Mei continued to ask., , Her tone was still fierce., , “No, no!” The people in the crowd beside her continued to reply., , Everyone looked like they wanted to say something but did not dare to speak for some reason., , Seeing them like this, Qiao Mei suddenly thought of Qiao Zhuang’s family., , Qiao Mei continued, “Could it be… related to Qiao Zhuang’s family? Did they do something again?”, , As soon as she mentioned Qiao Zhuang’s family, Qiao Mei felt that the people in the crowd immediately shut their mouths and kept quiet., , The mood became even more serious., , At this point, Qiao Mei finally understood one thing. This matter must be related to Qiao Zhuang’s family and nobody dared to say it out loud because of the thuggish behavior of Qiao Zhuang’s family., , Everyone looked shocked to find that Qiao Mei had made a correct guess. , , All the various expressions on people’s faces were very interesting. The way they looked at Qiao Mei also changed a little, but the whole place was still silent., , “I understand now. I’ll go to Qiao Zhuang’s house to take a look later.” Qiao Mei waved her hand and made a move to go home with the basket on her back., , In her other life, she was a senior lawyer who specialized in cases dealing with vicious people. Those people thought that they were very powerful, so they bullied other people and did all kinds of evil things., , People like that dared to do anything.

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